yep, we're crazy like that

So last week I was down in the laundry room and the kids were upstairs. The boy was in the swing and LG was watching TV, when she yells to tell me the boy was drooling. He has been sucking on his fingers a lot lately so I tell her to go to her room and get him a bib out of his drawer. A minute later I remember to ask her to get him an orange bib to match his orange outfit but I don't want to yell across the house again so I just let it go. After I finish folding the clothes I carry them upstairs and check on the peoplings and he had an orange bib on! When I ask her about it she tells me that she dug through his bibs for an orange one so he can match and be pretty! LOL I think I am rubbing off on her :) On Tuesday she got a few cuts from walking between some trees and later stepped on an ant hill, then the ants climbed all over her and she started saying "I'm having a bad day" she sounded just like me that I called her 'little Jessica'

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