Managed to make 2 bibs today. Very excited.
Winner winner chicken dinner
Matt shaved his face clean and The Boy kept making funny faces at him.
Nothing to post today so I'll just jot down an important date 4.17.11 The boy's last nursing session


The slide died today :(


I caught LG gluing bite size Oreos to a piece of paper, I had to explain to her that not only do we never use food in our art but we never ever deny oreos from being eaten!
LG is becoming such a good reader! She just read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss to me with zero mistakes.
:) cherries are in season.
:( my socks were too tight to go over my heel and I had to frog them.
LG has so many friends in the neighborhood, we've resorted to posting a sign on the door when she is not home.
Matt let me sleep in. I didn't get outta bed til 10am.

A sentence a day

Found The Boy splashing in the toilet, had to fish out a matchbox car