ok yea

so some news for you. 1 I'm a lazy blogger. 2.I'm preggo...yup I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow I really hope it sticks I'm very excited 3. LG was in a swim class and she passed the first session tonight! It's 6 weeks per session and in level 1 they learn to stick their face in the water and how to properly enter a pool and how to behave around a pool. I am impressed because this time last year at my in-laws LG was on an inflatable water thing they have and every time she would get her face wet she would get out and dry her face off and today I watched her continuously plunge her face under the water over and over and over again. Anyhow I've just been sleeping for the last 6 weeks, sleeping and eating with very little knitting oh and some working I guess lol!