it's here!

No silly not the rings from's only been 17 days why would you think that? A letter! a letter from the schools! Saying that LG has an interview next Friday morning. I know you're just as excited as I am. Apparently we have to meet with the principal, the school psychologist and a reading resource specialist. I can't wait


This weekend we went out of town and I was supposed to drive my crossover and my hubby was gonna ride with his step-father who was driving our pick-up....well then my FIL tells me we are going to take 495 and i said "oh, no I am not driving on 495" so Hubby drove the crossover and I passengered with him.....It was so scary I had my eyes closed more than half the time! My FIL was towing a trailer behind the pickup and we were following him until some one cut us off and I got so freaked I was thinking what if this idiot slams on his breaks and we don't have time and we slam into him and it sends him slamming into the pickup....then I would have to call my insurance company and explain to them how we crashed our crossover into our pickup. I could just imagine telling the phone rep that and him asking me to hold so he could get his supervisor, then I am asked to repeat the story and it turns out that I wasn't transferred at all...they just put me on speakerphone and the whole office is laughing at me. I am never going near 495 again.


So I won a third auction off ebay from China...I bought a bunch of dpns for really cheap. They sent me a letter saying that the shipped but it will take 20 days to get here!!! so it's only been 10 days since I bought the jump rings.... I think the Internet is bad for me, always being so instant gratification and stuff. Leaves me with no patience to wait for 20 days. Sometimes I wonder how I ever waited 38 weeks for LG. Yea she was 13 days early, lol I was supposed to work that day. I remember I was at work on Tuesday and I was dancing even (one of the many perks of working with kids you can act as silly as you like and no one cares) and one of my co-workers told me that I shouldn't because of the baby and she was born less than 24 hours after that. Thank fully my labor was short and my baby was small. I hope to be as lucky next time lol.

I'm sunburned

I've haven't really gotten anywhere on my mom's purse...I don't know how long it will take for the rings to get here from China. Now I know that I don't have very many memories from my childhood ( i don't know why but I just don't remember those things) but while I was cleaning yesterday I thought to myself "wow, I don't remember my mom cleaning as much as this place needs me to clean it." ok so I realize that she had a dishwasher where I do not but the constant vacuuming and putting the clothes away and wiping down the tables, the counters and the stove! It's crazy but you know what the other week right after I stripped my kitchen spotless it was so nice to just be able to get up and walk into the kitchen and make my breakfast on a nice open counter. I have always wondered why people make their beds when they are just going to lay in them in about 12-14 hours. Well the other day Hubby made the bed and I opened the bedroom door and it just looked so inviting.....o it was nice :)


goodness I have been to sicky to have the desire to sit in front of the computer. But you have to hear this. I need better stitch markers I have been using hair bands and it is just not working out. So I went on ebay looking for cheap stitch markers that were pretty to look at and effective. So I found these heavy metal jump rings that I suppose were being sold to someone who wanted to make thier own chain mail or something cuz they were being sold in sets of 5000! So I wrote the seller a letter requesting to buy only 500 or so. It turns out that the seller is from China and his solution was to start a brand new 7 day auction for 500 rings with no buyout. So I had to wait a week and I got outbid! I could buy 5000 rings for $11.00 or 500 rings for $8.00. So of course I bought the bigger lot. Let me know if you want any lol. Yesterday I had off work so I knit Matt a new case for his Iphone well guess what? this time it is too small! It almost, almost fits. blah whatever so now he just needs to get back in line cuz I need to finish my mom's purse and some toeless socks for me. You can wait buster!!! Also I took LG to register for Kindergarten today and all I did was fill out an application for early admittance and know I have to wait until May for the next step


So I've been thinking this over for a while now. I have decided that I am going to go off food. That's it no more eating. No really it is a good idea. Do you have any idea how food rules our lives? First off there is an entire room in every one's home devoted to food. There are a bunch of appliances designed to simply cook only one type of food like the popcorn maker or the waffle maker. Also I eat 5 smalls meals a day so that's at least 50 minutes a day spent on food preparation , 100 minutes a day on food consumption and who knows how many minutes spent on clean up. If we never ate we would never have to wash dishes. And here for those Green don't need an oven or a fridge any more WOW imagine the energy that would save. So I'm getting rid of my kitchen I'm going to turn it into a study I think. Oh and I almost forgot if we don't eat then we don't need toilets either. I'm so excited I'm gonna start right now, no more food for me........................................................................................................Man, I wish I could have some sushi right now. Hey I tried!


So my backup glasses are broken, i am stuck wearing my contacts all day everyday or being blind. I was sewing together or "finishing" the animals when I got bored and put them aside, I started a purse for my mom which I'm sure will bore me at some point at which time I will get those blasted animals done. I actually like how the upper body and lower body pieces came together, I was so scared that it wouldn't work but SURPRISE! it did. I also got rained on today with 2 babies and a four year old in tow lol.


Well here it is, my finished intarsia. Apparently I can't follow directions because it was supposed to be two rows of the pattern and I only did one, tho I don't know how it would have fit if I had read the directions. So I was supposed to make two triangles like this and five circles well the triangles were easy cuz they were decreased but I couldn't do the circles...I think it's because they had increases in the middle of the intarsia. So I made the snout light pink and I haven't decided what to do for the foot pads I think I might stripe them.

Japanese Wednesday


def - I'm sorry

Pronuciation - Go (starts with c rhymes with go) men (yup men) na (nod without the d) sai (sigh)

all wound up

No big deal but I wound my first hank into a ball today, what is even more exciting is I'm going to try to use that yarn for intarsia.....scary! So I have most of the cat and pig finished I just have to knit the feet pads and stuff. I am going to do the cat ones solid colored since he is knit out of variegated yarn, but the pig's are "country checks" so I have to teach myself how to switch colors in the middle of a row.

Intarsia - when you change color in the middle of a row.