life goes on

Well there was a small chance that I would get pregnant in March but I didn't. It's ok I know we are offically trying in June so I have that to look forward to. Hubby said "aww, I'm sorry" when he found out we weren't pregnant. I'm not sure how he will react when we really are with this being his first and all. We'll see. So I have been working on those knit stuffed pigs and it told me to put stitch markers in and I didn't understand why so I took them off....Well I need them now. When I "finishing" the animal I have to line the stitch markers up so I don't know what I'm going to do now LOL we will see. Also I got alot of compliments on my purse this weekend so of course it would decide to fall apart on Saturday night. I tried to mend it but Idk if it will stay.....

Spring cleaning

So over the past 3 days I have cleaned 2 and a half should have seen my kitchen. I have a double sink and both sinks were overflowing with dishes, the floor was dirty, the cook top, the counter top even the table dirty dirty dirty. There was no space at the table to eat. So I went in there and clean just about every last dish I own. I filled up the drying rack 4 times! Next the counter top which was covered in appliances, it went like this blender, toaster, rice cooker, deep fryer and then popcorn maker, coffee maker and waffle maker...Idk but maybe the makers had a top secret meeting cuz they were all to the left, weird I know. So I said "NO!" and but every last one of those guys under the sink...well except for the deep fryer cuz he is full of old yucky oil and just ewww. So then I scrubbed the counters and the cook top and the table. Hubby cleaned the floor and "woo, that smells clean." Happily the bathroom was easier simply because it is smaller (we don't have to go into the details you know what it takes to clean a bathroom) and again Hubby cleaned the floor! yay! now we have moved onto the bedroom. Look ok I'm just gonna come right out with it...I'm lazy. My bedroom floor was covered in clothes and guess what they are clean clothes. So I'm only half way done in there cuz I'm worn down and there are 2 girls living here and we have a lot of clothes. but my hope is that if I tackle this problem and I keep my house clean, LG will learn by example and keep her room clean (hey a girl can hope right?)

The young

I had a blog planned for today but I will write it down somewhere and save it for another day. Last night I took LG with me to the viewing. It was closed casket so I took her up there. and I said "there is a man in that box....he was my cousin and his name was Patrick. The other day Patrick got really sick and now his body is broken and he died. Just like the bird you saw last year." "why, mommy? why is he died?" "His body and broken now....remember how I told you about running into the road after your chalk? If a car breaks your chalk we can buy new chalk. but if a car breaks you we can't buy a new you. Because you are special and you are the only LG in the world." So then we went on again about how now Patrick is broken and how special he was to us. And she got real sad and I thought she understood. Until this morning...this morning she wanted to call Dr. House to see if he could fix Patrick. I had to tell her that the doctors already tried to fix him but they couldn't. Then I tore a piece of paper apart and asked her if we could fix it. And of course we could not. I'm sorry LG, sorry that bodies don't last forever but we have to be happy about the time we had with him and that his life was special.

I forgot the japanese yesterday!!!


def- thank you

pronunciation -ar (arr! like a pirate) i (say e) ga ( goo goo ga ga) tou (toe)


So I tried to knit yesterday but I couldn't concentrate so I took a nap instead. I've been busy all day and I have the viewing tonight ....maybe I can get some stitches in before bed. So I went to get the kindergardener(daycare kid not my LG) off the bus and it was raining so I was joking with him and put my arm thru his coat sleeve with his arm still in there and threw him up on my back. I was 75% of the way to the house when I fell and ripped open the knees of my pants and a little bit of the skin of my knees. All in front of the bus driver!!! The boy is fine, just 1 scrape no blood... my left knee is bleeding and I already have bad knees as it is. sigh we were having so much fun too. I don't know what is with the SO jeans from Kohl's I had two pair, the knees wore thru on the one and now I ripped thru the knees on the second...maybe I can knit a solution LOL
So today I had planned on trying to finish the stuffed cat and pig I had been knitting based on the pig on the front of this book. I'm figured I just have to modify the nose, ears and tail to make the pig look like a cat. But I have been so busy today. I aspire to become a baker and I am not very good at it Lol. I have a tip to share with you if you want to try your hand at baking. now this may seem like common sense but I'm not sure that it is. Ok so after you pour the batter out of the bowl into the baking pan, throw the mixer and the spreading spoon you used in the bowl and take 3 minutes to rinse it right now, before the batter has a chance to dry believe me you will appreciate it.

Bad news

Unfortunately I just got a very sad phone call. My cousin Patrick whom I have not seen in about 8 years never woke up yesterday morning. I am currently in shock about it. The autopsy is not back yet so we are not sure exactly what happened. It is all very sad and I feel awful for my aunt because no one should ever have to lose a child. -bye

"Don't Settle"

I've been trying to live by this -Don't settle. And I have come up with some guidelines so you can follow this mantra too.
1.Do settle on the shirt you're going to wear today-some days it feels like no shirt is the right shirt, just put one on and go or you will be late for work
2. Don't settle on the shirt you're buying today- if you don't LOVE it in the store then we both know it will just end up in the back of the closet next to that sweater you got for christmas 2 years ago.
3. Do settle when it comes to picking your top myspace friends
4. Don't settle when picking out a boy/girlfriend/wife/husband-life is too short for lousy boyfriends.
Well I'm not a professional journalist so that's all I can think of LoL. just remember this...If the decision is going to effect your life for more than a week make sure it's a choice you can live with that long! k? love ya bye

OMG it's finished!!!!

My purse is finished!!! Today when I was pinning the lining to the knitting in preparation of the sewing I was so nervous. I spent so much time knitting this beautiful piece of fabric together and it would only take a few seconds on the sewing machine to ruin it. but I actually think it came out pretty well. The only complaint I could make is it is a bit too small.

Japanese Wednesday

Last week we learned Hello so this week we will learn good bye

sore ja mata ne

def - casual good bye or See you again!

pronunciation - soar (like a flying bird) a (say the letter) ja (jaw with no w) mata (tomata) neigh (like a horse)

Good luck!

I'm a big girl now

yep I blocked. I know I know bout time right? well I had to because of the cables the purse was trying to be so narrow and I need it wider. I keep a lot of stuff in my purse. ok? there I said it. oh and just as a side note....that's my mom's kitchen table. Sorry mom I love ya but I don't love your table cloth.

I forgot!

This morning, I got up and dressed LG and myself and totally forgot to wear green! Luckily she has green on her skirt and I let the kids pinch me cuz I didn't have a speck of green on me but everyone else did! I'm still chugging away on the strap it seems like it will take forever... The pattern says at least 30 inches tho I thing I want a little more and I'm at 26" currently. Lots of stuff going on in the next couple of months, my sister is moving back in town, we have 3 b-day parties to go to and LG's dance recital is quickly approaching.

Too busy to blog

I finished the main part of my purse last night. This is so exciting. I keep picking it up and putting it against my face lol. I am currently working on the strap I am using my size 6 dpn's because the size 8 straights are way too long to work 15 sts on. I can't wait until the purse is finished I keep thinking about how I am going to work the fabric for the inside. I am in LOVE :)


LG drew this picture yesterday I love it! She said "this is me wearing a flower shirt" I personally love the toes

Wednesday is Japanese day

Starting today every Wednesday we (you and I together) will be learning Japanese. This weeks word is Konnichi wa.

def- greeting "afternoon"

pronunciation- Ko(rhymes with go) knee chi(rhymes with knee) wa (the beginning of water)

for memory sake

last Sunday it snowed. By 8 am monday morning there where 7 1/2 inches of snowed. LG played in it on mon. tues and wed. Today she is running around outside in just a short sleeved tee. What a difference a week can make.

purse progress

I bought the lining fabric. It almost broke my bank at $1.85! lol and I finished the practice glove and immediately frogged it.

yay! fun

I like to have 2 projects going at once...if I get bored with one I can put it down and work on the other...So I currently have the purse knitted flat on 8's and a glove knitted in the round of size 3 dpn's. I love this picture... I keep stopping every inch or so and shoving my hand in the glove and judging it and admiring it. I have dubbed it "the practice glove" because it's not going to anyone I am just learning the skill. But I am having loads of fun!

calculated opinion

I promised to come back and tell you all how I feel about Ravelry...Well here goes 1. I still can't spell in on my first try...and I have trouble pronouncing it too. 2. otherwise it's...AWESOME. I spend about an hour a day on there at least. It has a spot for all your projects and then you can take pictures of the yarn and link it to the project you used it on, so when members see a pic of your project they can say "oh I love that yarn..I wonder what it is?" and then figure it out. Then you can add the pattern so these other members can make one for themselves. It is truly a great website/ online community , if you're a knitter I enthustiastically urge you to join. The wait is so worth it.

Ribbit ribbit

My first frogging...Matt's 2.0 hat, turns out that I was knitting through the back of the stitch and you're supposed to knit through the front. So I had 23 rows of twisted stockinette. Oh well, there is a first for everything. I have gotten pretty good at making yarn balls tho.

Mending fences

tho the past 3 years should have been the happiest of my life, I had a beautiful baby growing into a beautiful girl and was falling for the love of my life...I spent alot of that time in a dark hole. I was so depressed that I cut off everyone from my life. It was just the 3 of us, I never called anyone, I never went anywhere. I just stayed at home with my family. Recently (with the help of some wonderful medication) I have been able to stand on my feet. I have reached out and joined a knitting group, something I would have never been brave enough to do 6 months ago. and I have been working to fix one of my friendships, and I finally went to go see her yesterday. I am so happy now. I really do like the person I am today.