Spring cleaning

So over the past 3 days I have cleaned 2 and a half rooms...you should have seen my kitchen. I have a double sink and both sinks were overflowing with dishes, the floor was dirty, the cook top, the counter top even the table dirty dirty dirty. There was no space at the table to eat. So I went in there and clean just about every last dish I own. I filled up the drying rack 4 times! Next the counter top which was covered in appliances, it went like this blender, toaster, rice cooker, deep fryer and then popcorn maker, coffee maker and waffle maker...Idk but maybe the makers had a top secret meeting cuz they were all to the left, weird I know. So I said "NO!" and but every last one of those guys under the sink...well except for the deep fryer cuz he is full of old yucky oil and just ewww. So then I scrubbed the counters and the cook top and the table. Hubby cleaned the floor and "woo, that smells clean." Happily the bathroom was easier simply because it is smaller (we don't have to go into the details you know what it takes to clean a bathroom) and again Hubby cleaned the floor! yay! now we have moved onto the bedroom. Look ok I'm just gonna come right out with it...I'm lazy. My bedroom floor was covered in clothes and guess what they are clean clothes. So I'm only half way done in there cuz I'm worn down and there are 2 girls living here and we have a lot of clothes. but my hope is that if I tackle this problem and I keep my house clean, LG will learn by example and keep her room clean (hey a girl can hope right?)

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