So I tried to knit yesterday but I couldn't concentrate so I took a nap instead. I've been busy all day and I have the viewing tonight ....maybe I can get some stitches in before bed. So I went to get the kindergardener(daycare kid not my LG) off the bus and it was raining so I was joking with him and put my arm thru his coat sleeve with his arm still in there and threw him up on my back. I was 75% of the way to the house when I fell and ripped open the knees of my pants and a little bit of the skin of my knees. All in front of the bus driver!!! The boy is fine, just 1 scrape no blood... my left knee is bleeding and I already have bad knees as it is. sigh we were having so much fun too. I don't know what is with the SO jeans from Kohl's I had two pair, the knees wore thru on the one and now I ripped thru the knees on the second...maybe I can knit a solution LOL

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