yep, we're crazy like that

So last week I was down in the laundry room and the kids were upstairs. The boy was in the swing and LG was watching TV, when she yells to tell me the boy was drooling. He has been sucking on his fingers a lot lately so I tell her to go to her room and get him a bib out of his drawer. A minute later I remember to ask her to get him an orange bib to match his orange outfit but I don't want to yell across the house again so I just let it go. After I finish folding the clothes I carry them upstairs and check on the peoplings and he had an orange bib on! When I ask her about it she tells me that she dug through his bibs for an orange one so he can match and be pretty! LOL I think I am rubbing off on her :) On Tuesday she got a few cuts from walking between some trees and later stepped on an ant hill, then the ants climbed all over her and she started saying "I'm having a bad day" she sounded just like me that I called her 'little Jessica'

The rabbit

This morning I was messing around on facebook when LG comes running "mom what do rabbits eat?" "Rabbits are herbivores, they eat vegetables" "oh like carrots" "yes like carrots" "I need a carrot, there is a rabbit in our yard" "we don't have any carrots but we do have lettuce, you can give the rabbit lettuce" So she goes upstairs and gets a small piece of lettuce out of the fridge, takes it outside and lays it on the driveway. Then she comes back in and gets her chair and places it practically on top of the lettuce and waits.

The rabbit never returned...I went out there with her and we moved to the front steps but after about 30 mins she said "I'm bored, I don't think the rabbit is coming back" She had wanted to catch it and keep it. The whole thing was just too cute.


It seems like everyone on my "blogs I'm following" list posted a recipe yesterday so I figured I would join in on the fun. Last nights dinner was......drum roll please:

DiGiorno's Frozen Pizza with bread sticks

Step 1: remove pizza box from freezer
Step 2: preheat oven to 400 degrees
Step 3: take the pizza out of the box
Step 4: dispose of all plastic and cardboard (seems simple right? well don't forget
this step cuz if you skip it your pizza will be ruined. Believe me I know.)
Step 5: put pizza on pizza pan and bread sticks on a cookie sheet
Step 6: Add frozen pepperoni if desired, place both the pizza and the bread sticks in
the oven
Step 7: set timer for 13 minutes and heat up some water in the microwave and use to
thaw the marinara sauce
Step 8: remove bread sticks from oven and check on the pizza
Step 9: add 5 minutes to the timer if needed
Step 10:remove pizza from oven, cut and serve


My little family

The boy has such quiet little cries. Like a lamb bleating. He made that noise when he was born and the nurse said he was just clearing out his chest but no those are his cries. He only gets loud when he is hurt or if you don't answer to him after 5 minutes. He is so happy, so social I cannot believe a baby this small can be so social! He just loves to look at people or himself in the mirror and smile. I can't get a picture of it though because he can't see me with a camera in my face :) Hubby adores the boy...a few weeks ago he started saying "Hello" to the boy and the boy made a cooing sound that rose and fell just like the word "hello" does, it's crazy. LG just can't get enough of her brother, she always wants to hold him and be next to him. She needs to know where he is and what he is doing at all times. She makes up games to get him to smile. When he was new she made up songs and sang off-key and he would stop crying every time. As he grew the songs stopped working and for a while she found that she could cry at him to hush his cries. Now she just touches his noses and says "one brother, two brothers, three brothers and a kiss" it's just priceless. She also thinks she knows exactly how to take care of him and that I am completely clueless. She is always giving me tips on what do to.

I just made a post but who cares?

Man do I ever love google. Have I mentioned to you how bad my memory is? I don't remember. If I stop doing something for a while like adding for brain gets rusty and I have to resort to counting on my fingers again. Which is probably why I messed up my purl stitches. But if I forget something like how to spell a simple word like...through(because texting has made me lazy and I normally type thru) I can just google it. The other day I had a funeral to go to and I couldn't find the paper where I wrote down the specifics so I googled my beloved deceased's name and found the address right there online. I was making the envelopes to send out the boy's announcements and I googled whether you write The Smiths or The Smith's. (it's the first one btw) I have no idea what I would do without google or the internet for that matter.

Dude I totally forgot how to purl

Blame it on the new mommy brain if you want but I did knit the boy a hat shortly after he was born. I think I did my purl stitches correctly on that. Yesterday I was bored so I decided to start knitting a practice intarsia swatch and my purl stitches are twisted or something because when I went to knit the next row I couldn't get the needle to go through the front! I ripped it out (no biggie because it was only a 20 st wide swatch) but it happened again. I'm gonna Youtube it later. I really have no idea what I am doing wrong.

That's right folks we are talking about poop.

The boy is EBF (that's exclusively breastfeed for those of you not down with the lingo) He is an excellent nurser and all is going well. He was pooing at every feeding when he first got home which made my heart smile because it made me remember that LG would only poo if she was nursing when she was a baby. But then around week 4 or so he just stopped and went 5 whole days without a single BM! I was so stressed out but I kept reading online that it was ok and low and behold on the 5th day he went and boy did he ever! It was a massive blowout and we rushed him straight to the bathtub to be hosed off. He didn't poo again for 7 whole days. And he choose the first time mom and dad took him out to dinner as the perfect place to let it all loose. We were at a Japanese Steak House, ya know where they cook the food in front of you and then throw shrimp at you at the end....and they didn't have a changing table. So I changed him on the sink counter, it was a mess you know I had to change his outfit and everything, their fault for not having a table. I then learned to put a size 4 diaper over his size 1 every Saturday. He's 10 weeks old now and still doesn't poo everyday, maybe 3 days in a row and then skip 1 or 2. And I am very proud to say that he has messed on 3 separate outfits and I have managed to clean everything except for the onesie from the restaurant.


So I realized something today. Something that I forgot and really wish I would have remembered months ago. I'm writing this blog for me. For my own personal memories. I forgot that. I have been trying really hard to make my posts perfect just to impress you the reader. Yea so I'm gonna try to let go of that.

Ok who missed me?

The boy is here. I kinda made a birth story.
I was due on Monday Feb 1 but the boy decided he wasn't ready and held on tight! I couldn't believe that I had made it to full term when LG was a full two weeks early. So we scheduled an induction for 12:15 am on Wednesday. (just in case you didn't see the "am" yes folks that's midnight) I couldn't sleep at all on Tuesday night, my bags had been packed for weeks so I just sat there and watched the clock until it was 11:20pm and time to leave. Hubby and I were hungry by then and we didn't know when we would be able to eat next so we got some taco bell on the way. LOL. I was only 1cm when we arrived, they put me on pitocin at 6ml for an hour. I don’t like pain (at all) so they also gave me some Stadol which made me very loopy and very sleepy. It was snowing outside, we got about 2 inches. After 4 hours or so I was still only 1 cm so I got really discouraged, I'm talking super discouraged I felt stuck like this baby would never come out! He was late and I made no progress and had 3 previous episodes of false labor. I knew that if I didn't progress they would send me home I just couldn't stand the thought of going home without my baby in my arms. Face it dude I have no patience. My hubby and mom had to remind me that it was a process, and together they calmed me down. The nurse kept increasing my pitocin intake by 6ml every hour. And finally around 9am I think...ok you caught me I wasn't watching the clock but I was 3 cm. Finally! I don't think I have ever been more relieved.Right after that they came in and broke my water. I considered waiting until I was 5cm before asking for the epidural but my L&D nurse said that wasn’t necessary and that the Stadol would gradually lose effect if I kept taking it. So I gave in and asked for the epidural. I was in so much pain by then that I was sobbing. You are only allowed one support person during a spinal procedure so hubby left (sissy!) and my mom helped me thru the insertion. The epidural was amazing! Best thing ever! Soon I was sound asleep. My progress continued very slowly, much slower than I had expected but I finally 1pm I was 6 cm and then 8cm by 2pm. Whew two centimeters in one hour! Yes! We were almost there, but no it slowed down again. I was so ready to push by 3pm but the doctor said I had to wait until I was FULLY dilated. Then at 4pm I was 9cm still wanting to push. Those were the longest hours of my life. I cannot explain the agony I felt just sitting there fighting the urge. I honestly think the waiting caused me to swell because at 4:30 I was 9.5 cm and swollen. The urge to push was unbearable and I insisted on being checked every half hour finally at around 5:30 or so they let me do a trial push and declared that we were ready!!! Then about 10 people came into the room....(there is a side story to this I will have to make another post about it) I don’t remember much about the pushing, they wouldn't let my mom tape it or even take photos despite that fact that we have LG's birth on video. We were even at the same hospital. Hubby thinks I pushed for about a half hour. I do remember that the batches of pushing were spread out a lot more than I had expected I’m talking 4 or 5 minutes between the urges. Everyone said I was a fantastic pusher but unfortunately at one point I ran out of energy when he was an inch or two out, like right before his ears. That was the worst part that I remember. I got quite upset and was yelling at everyone in the room to leave. I turned into the crazy laboring lady you see on TV who loses her mind and tells everyone she hates them all. Finally a new urge came and I was able to get him past his shoulders. Then all of a sudden the doctor asked me to stop pushing. And I sat there like a movie paused right before the climax. Hubby tells me that the boy had his cord around his neck and it was so tight that the Dr. couldn’t pry it over his chin so she took what felt like an hour to me to clamp the cord right there and cut it free from his neck. Finally it was off and I was free to push again. and of course he came right out. I saw him lifted from me and carried over to the table. It was 6:17 pm. I wanted him in my arms immediately, I had waited so long for him and I needed them to give him back. The doctors checked him and he was perfect measuring 20 inches and weighing 8 lbs and 8 oz. No one thought he would be that big because LG had only weighed 5 lbs 8oz when she was born.But I knew, I could feel how big he was every time he moved! And just like that it was over everyone left. My mom and Stepdad took LG home with them and it was just the 3 of us Mommy, Daddy and boy. I learned something right then: when giving birth try not to do it so close to shift change! The labor nurses work from 7 to 7 and we didn't see a new one until 9pm or so, good thing I had done this before cuz if I was a new mom I think I would have been flipping out. We stayed at the hospital for a little over 24 hours. As you may know it was predicted to snow immensely on Friday so we wanted to get home before it happened. And boy did it snow! Starting on Friday the 5th into Saturday it snowed 31 inches! and then it snowed again on Tuesday. We were lucky enough to be induced before the storm, can you imagine me going into labor and having to go to the hospital with over 2ft of snow on the ground, and to never have lost electricity. Well there it is people the story of my son’s birth