I just made a post but who cares?

Man do I ever love google. Have I mentioned to you how bad my memory is? I don't remember. If I stop doing something for a while like adding for instance...my brain gets rusty and I have to resort to counting on my fingers again. Which is probably why I messed up my purl stitches. But if I forget something like how to spell a simple word like...through(because texting has made me lazy and I normally type thru) I can just google it. The other day I had a funeral to go to and I couldn't find the paper where I wrote down the specifics so I googled my beloved deceased's name and found the address right there online. I was making the envelopes to send out the boy's announcements and I googled whether you write The Smiths or The Smith's. (it's the first one btw) I have no idea what I would do without google or the internet for that matter.

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