dear kindergarten admittance people,

My little girl came in to see you on Tuesday, I still have not received word as to how she did on her test. I'm wondering if you could let me know when I should expect to hear from you. I was under the understanding that this whole process needed to be finished by June 10th and by my count there are only 13 days of school left until then. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

a very impatient mother


So last week I was on vacation. I really haven't gotten that much knitting done. I'm still plugging away at my mom's purse but it's like 200 sts a round and the cable twists are on every 5th round so for the rest of the time it's just p4, k6 over and over and over. We celebrated our first anniversary this weekend! Just saying that makes me feel old, lol. It wasn't too eventful except we went to the beach with some friends for a few days. LG had her IQ test today, they couldn't give me the results yet but my guess is that she will score right on where a child her age should or just a little higher but not quite enough to be admitted to Kindergarten early.oh well whatever. I have to get that infant hat started but I keep casting it on and then ripping it right out :)

Big Important Meeting

LG had her "Early admission to Kindergarten" meeting today. They told that of the children who go through this process only 2% are successful. wow, those are some tough odds but we have been waiting for this so we are going to trudge on. First she has to take an IQ test and score 130 (i think) if she doesn't than we stop and if she does then she needs to take a reading and math test again if she fails we stop if not then she will take the environmental portion of the test. The good news is that all of this will be done before the end of the school year which is only slightly more than a month away. Cross your fingers for me, I think if she doesn't make it I will have to put her in some program...she definitely needs some structured time away from me for a few hours a week.

sweet baby

so I like to knit small things so I can practice before I attempt to knit the big ones. So I made this sweater. It's newborn sized....don't get excited I'm not pregnant. I made the sweater now I just have to make a baby to go in it! (haha I made a joke) alright enough of that. I plan on making a hat and booties and a blanket to match...yay fun! I may even make a whole set in yellow too. I'm struggling with the hat because I am trying to find patterns that are free or that are at the library but they have to use DK yarn and have to be knit on size 6 and I have to be able to put ribbing on it. I cast on 72 sts but it wasn't big enough...not quite sure how big a newborns head is but it barely fit on a baby doll. oh well I have PLENTY of time to get it right!

1000 smiles to you

yesterday morning I lost $200 cash....couldn't find it anywhere. but I just found it just now! yay I'm so happy about it!

Stitch markers!!!!!!

So they finally arrived on Friday..(future reference orders from China take 18 days) and I have been busy playing with them so I haven't blogged lol it's ok I won't forget about you. So they are smaller then I thought they would be I have to remember that the 6mm measurement must be the outside diameter. But this is cool, I was looking for a storage solution so I could carry a few around and I found this magnetic key holder that I think is meant to stick under your car. It works wonderfully see how there are magnets on the sides at the bottom? well they all stick there. I think it's great. anyway so I thought 6mm would fit on US size 8 because they are 5.5 mm but they didn't so I had to move my mom's purse to the US size 6 (4 mm) circ's that I have. I was half way thru row 8, there were 120 sts a row when I realized that I had it twisted and had to frog it last night. NP tho I will re-cast it today. I hope you don't mind that I stopped doing Japanese on Wednesday it's just that I didn't know what word to do next. That's about it xcept I have vacation next week and our first anniversary in 12 days.