Stitch markers!!!!!!

So they finally arrived on Friday..(future reference orders from China take 18 days) and I have been busy playing with them so I haven't blogged lol it's ok I won't forget about you. So they are smaller then I thought they would be I have to remember that the 6mm measurement must be the outside diameter. But this is cool, I was looking for a storage solution so I could carry a few around and I found this magnetic key holder that I think is meant to stick under your car. It works wonderfully see how there are magnets on the sides at the bottom? well they all stick there. I think it's great. anyway so I thought 6mm would fit on US size 8 because they are 5.5 mm but they didn't so I had to move my mom's purse to the US size 6 (4 mm) circ's that I have. I was half way thru row 8, there were 120 sts a row when I realized that I had it twisted and had to frog it last night. NP tho I will re-cast it today. I hope you don't mind that I stopped doing Japanese on Wednesday it's just that I didn't know what word to do next. That's about it xcept I have vacation next week and our first anniversary in 12 days.

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