Hubby found new job, as a maintenance man at an Extended Stay Hotel. He starts tomorrow, his schedule will be Tuesday thru Saturday.  I am so thankful that he has a wide range of skills and was able to find a new job so quickly.

I went down to the college today to see what I need to do to round out my degree. The counselor says I have 59 credits and with one more credit I can be licensed to direct a center of 20 kids! Very interesting I will have to think about it. After that I need to take 2 tests and 3 more 1 credit classes to get a degree to run a center of 60 children. It's alot to consider.


The kidlets spend the night with my parents last night. This morning my parents took them to the National Aquarium for a day trip, as a gift to LG. LG says she really enjoyed and My mom says The boy would point at the fish, oh and ah for a minute and then want to move on to the next exhibit. He also enjoyed riding the light rail "train." Then they all went to Hooters for lunch where they made LG to the chicken dance for a free dessert.


Today was the day of the party. We went with a bowling party, It was the best deal we could find for her budget. We sent out the invites 2.5 weeks in advance LG was allowed to invite 8 friends. She invited a few from her class, one who was in her class last year, a neighbor and the little girl I watch who is also in first grade. Only one of her classmates came, I was so glad that the neighbor and childcare girls came. And I am shocked that no one called to say they wouldn't be coming. All that aside I think she had a blast. They played a game and a half of bowling. Ate popcorn and pizza , except for the birthday girl who requested a hotdog. They all loved the cake. Even Hubby and The boy had a good time. The rainbow themed bowling party was a success!


I spent nearly all day working on LG's birthday cake for her party tomorrow. Take a peek at this amazing tutorial!  Her directions specified 9 inch cake pans, well I inherited three 9.5 inch cake pans recently so I thought I would be fine. My cake layers were a little too thin and I used too much icing. The cake was beautiful but it took 3.5 cans of icing, so when you ate it it was like drowning in a pool of icing. Better luck next time? Maybe if I loose my mind again :)


LG comes home today and says "I have a surprise for you in my lunch box." When I opened it there was nothing in there aside from her food containers. The surprise? She ate all of her lunch! lol silly girl


LG had a check up with the eye doctor today. She got her glasses right before Christmas last year then in March (I think) he asked us to start having her wear a patch over her left eye (the hard working one) so that the right eye can get a workout, for about 2 hours everyday. Honestly she wears the patch 4 days out of 7. We have to work on that. After testing her he says her score is slightly lower than it was at her last visit. LG was disappointed because she remembers the doctor telling her she should be finished with her glasses before first grade starts.


One of the children from my mom's daycare was with us today. I was with him for almost 2 years while I was still working for my mom. He is 3 now and it was nice to have some time to spend with him and having an older boy for my little men to play with.