Today the childcare kids and I made sugar cookies using this recipe and topped them with this icing. I am teaching them about circles and the color red so we made round cookies with red frosting. They were amazing!


I want to remember forever, how proud i am of my son today for just standing there in the middle of the floor.


I simply love Pinterest. I'm using it to visually organize my sewing bookmarks.


Happy Labor day! We went swimming at the gym pool


I like to do all my sewing projects at once since its such a big deal setting up a sewing station. So I also practices some t-shirt resizing using some Hanes in a bag t-shirts (the label said size 2- 5T ha!) I'm impressed with the results, I had to use black thread as I was out of white and just used a zig-zag stitch since I don't own a serger.                 




Made a sweet little bread bag for LG out of some left over rainbow fabric. It didn't come out as big as I thought it would and she told me she didn't know how to open it the first time. But I like it and I also like that shes not throwing a plastic bag each time I send her with bread or crackers.


It is raining non-stop here and the boy and his buddies have cabin fever! Today I put Toy Story on for them. I thought the boy would like it because he knows who Buzz Lightyear is but he was the first to get up.


School is back and The boy is walking more and more. He likes to sike himself up first, he'll pull himself to standing on the table or something and say "one, one GO!" and walk off with the proud look on his face, Or sometimes he will point at a toy and babble about it and then walk over to it. Btw the only number he can say is "one" so when he counts he says "one, one, one"


Second day with no school. LG is disappointed but behaving very well. She did what I asked her and was very patient and understanding.


Schools are closed today due to power outages in the county, yesterday around noon I didn't realize Irene had left so many people in our area without power and I climbed in the car for an simple 15 minute ride to Joann's. After going through 3 non functioning traffic lights I arrived at an abandoned shopping center. I had never seen anything like it before even on holidays. I guess I'll put my shopping trip off for another day.


Hurricane Irene skipped right over us, the power flickered once or twice and there are a few random branches in the yard but that's all. I realize now how lucky we were. My heart goes out to all of the families who experienced any loss due to Irene.


Hurricane Irene is headed our way. The kids got a hair cut this morning.


LG says her first day of Art this year was awesome. She loves being an artist. The other day she was deep in thought and when asked she said she was trying to decide if she wants to be a singer or an artist when she grows up.


He took some steps today independently with no encouragement, Just surprise "look at me momma I'm walking." and his expression says just that "hey be proud of me!"


The boy has been biting me, in an affectionate almost kiss way. It's sweet but I have to get him to stop before it develops into something more.


I'm sure most of you know what happened today but we'll get to that later. Today was LG's first day was first grade. She was so excited, she asked me to leave her at the school sign instead of the front door to the school.My Little Girl growing up, walking herself into the school and to her classroom. tear* And yes today was the earthquake, Hubby has experienced an earthquake before on a trip to Cali but it was a first for me and the children. Lg was at school (we've covered this hehe) she says a poster fell off the wall and one desk in her classroom tilted, all of the children in her school were evacuated. The boy was napping the quake woke him up, he is such a good boy I went in there and did his bedtime routine again and he fell back asleep. Hubby was at work he tells me it only took him a few seconds to realize what was happening and he was frustrated because no one on his crew believed him when he said it was an earthquake. It was quiet time I was on the couch, The boy and his buddies were napping and the 5 year old I watch was upstairs playing barbies. At first just the couch shook, it was weird so I got up and walked around the couch, maybe hubby had snuck home and was shaking the couch. Nothing, shrug, so I sat back down then came the rattling I jumped up to go get the 5 year old. She was already screaming and running down the stairs to me, I tried to calm her and then remembered that I'm responsible for her so I took her into the bathroom. I was trying to convince her to sit there and wait for me so I could go check on the baby boys when it stopped. We were a little shaken but I was convinced it had something to do with the utility workers working in the street right next door, they must have done something to the pipes, yea that's it. After I soothed The boy and one of his friends (the 3rd slept through it!) we went upstairs to start the pizza dough in the bread machine. Then the phone rings, it's her mom, all nervous wondering if we are ok....That's when it hit me. We then packed up and went to pick up LG from her school yard. What an exciting first day of school!


Today is the last day of Summer for LG. Now that The boy is 18 months we have officially entered the "separation anxiety" stage, he cries now when we drop him at the gym. I hope it gets better after his molars break through.


I made my first patchwork project today. A cute little button close change purse using this tutorial. I am quite proud of it. You can see I went with a button instead of a snap because I'm an instant gratification type of person and do not yet own a snap kit.


The last two years have been pretty rough with LG. I'm not quite sure when it started, her 5th birthday or when we moved or after the move when I was unemployed for 6 months. We both found a way to get on each others nerves and we just stayed that way. (Almost) Everyday was a constant struggle. Whining, stomping, talking back. Then she started Kindergarten and getting her out the door in the morning was tough.We tried everything, time outs, grounding, reward charts...nothing worked. And then boom August 11 our first day of Staycation. We were headed to mom-moms and running late I was just trying to get them out the door so I poured some Reese Puffs (the cereal she had been picking almost daily for weeks) into a baggie so she could eat it in the car. She comes upstairs and sees what I'm doing and I know its coming, I prepare myself for the "humpf" and the stomping and the whine. Then she crosses her arms and says "I'm not pleased." That's it bam! I still don't know what changed her mind, but she has been so incredibly pleasant ever since, not perfect mind you but much much better. Who knows how long it'll last but I am one happy momma.