my back

idk if because of the way I sit when I'm knitting or if I spent too much time on the floor with the kids or maybe it's my shoes but my back is killing me. So last night when I got home I did some yoga poses, a guy on the Ellen show earlier that day said were good for stretching your back. I did child's pose, then cat stretch, back to child's cat one more time and finished with a downward dog. It all took about 10 minutes and I feel great. I didn't even take any aspirin!

knitting update

so this week I tried to fix Matt's Iphone case but now he wants it less dense cuz the phone is overheating in it o well. I finished the monkey he is kinda cute and just laying on the coffee table waiting for football season (hmm maybe I should make him a football) I'm slowly working on Matt's hat but it's boring stockinette stitch for 9 inches AHHH! and I started a purse for me which I am really excited about. I am using this gorgeous charcoal color. it has 5 cables so when it gets to a cable row I have to pay attention and go slow so I don't mess up. Everyone keeps asking me when Ella's blanket will be done...I put it away . maybe it will be done in November okay? gotta problem with that? then you can knit it yourself :)


We don't have a dishwasher so in our home Hubby cooks the dinner and I wash the dishes...except on Thursdays. on Thursday he has a raid on WoW so I make dinner on that night...I have burnt that dinner every time this month. tonight it was mac and cheese, last week I cooked frozen pizza with the cardboard, the week before I burned the Bertolli. What's the phrase? something like if anyone could make water burn it would be me.

my girl is famous

I was saving this for a day I had nothing to blog on sprout (it's a kids network that they have fallen in love with at work) they have a morning show called The Sunny Side Up Show and they play 15 minute segments of cartoons and they have a LIVE show ...for lack of a better phrase...surrounding those cartoons. Anyway you can go online and send an email to the bird puppet "Chica" and the human host MIGHT read it on live TV. So I did that and Kevin read our email about 2 minutes before the show was over last Wednesday. It was awesome!

busy busy bee

I spend the whole weekend cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, knitting and cleaning. I finished the monkey late last night...I need to work on my sewing skills so that I can sew these animals I knit together.

LG has dance on's 45 minutes long so of course I spend my time there knitting..I know those other mom's are like "umm, what is this 20ish yr old girl doing knitting here?" lol. Whatever I'm happy!

wow i'm dumb

So I woke up really late today and spent the day cleaning (it's a sunday ritual) and knitting...I forgot to eat! No lie I had poptarts at noon and a sprite and a cup of coffee that's it. At around 7pm I was trying to work on the monkey with the size 3 dpn's and I noticed my hands it took me like 5 mins to figure it out and then I went and made some Bertolli (uumm, ummm...good). And I am eating it while telling you how silly I am LOL.

me me me

So I have started 7 projects...none of which were for me. so a lipgloss holder pattern was added to ravelry yesterday and I made it right then as soon as I saw it. The funniest part is I wanted to use the gray that I'm using for Matt's hat so I just picked up the other end and whipped out a gloss case I love it!!! Here's the pattern.... modified it by making it skinnier and longer to fit my favorite lipgloss.

the snooze button

I think the snooze button is playing tricks on me...It's my fault I have the alarm set to 40 mins before I have to leave and I expect myself to get me and a grumpy four year old ready in that amount of comes down to this if I push the snooze button I get 9 extra minutes of sleep but I lose the time I need to put on my face lotion, put in my contacts and fix my hair. This morning my dream convinced me to push the snooze button..I swear this is the today is a glasses day. Sigh

First Blush

At first blush I think Ravelry is very cool I posted pictures of all my projects and all of the yarn in my stash..I can see where the website could lose it's appeal after a month or so...I really like the queue part where you find projects you would like to make later. I think they need to update the needle chart, it has all the different sizes and needle types but I would like to be able to put the brand and material of the needle in there. And when I post a project I would like to pick straights, circs or dpns.....

first blush - at the first glimpse or impression

I only wanted to make one post today >.<

So I applied for my ravelry invite on Friday and forgot about it until I received the invitation today. Wow is there a lot to do on there or what? I didn't feel like uploading all my info onto it right now since I pretty much did that on here yesterday but I'm gonna give ravelry a chance and share my feelings about on here.

feeling #1 I don't know how to spell ravelry off the top of my head, I have it on my clipboard and every time I wanna "say" it I just ctrlV......maybe if I understood why it's called that things I could learn how to spell it

KFB master!

So I started the monkey on sunday and the pattern told me to cast on 6 and then KFB every stitch...say what? kfb? so I googled it "yes I googled" and I found some still shots trying to explain it to me but I didn't understand so I then spent about an hour teaching myself how to KFB...well I finally got it! and I was so excited that I ran around the room shouting that I was a KFB master!! I am so proud lol

for those who don't know kfb means to knit through the front of the stitch and then knit into the back of the stitch.

I make my knit stitches in the back so it took me a while to figure how to knit in the front...

feb 15

I started a new hat for Matt in the round this time...luckily I have a size 6 circ and size 6 dpns. I am using the same yarn as last time which is Caron simply soft in heather gray. I'm also a member of a knitting group on cafemom that is hosting a Knit-along for february. Everyone who participates will be making a stuffed monkey. I am using this pattern I am going to knit him in redskin colors cuz I already had them in my stash and as I mentioned I can't afford to go buy some brown yarn...he will not have a t-shirt on either.

The lamb

As mentioned I used size 6 needles to knit the pieces flat and then seemed them together later. LG decided she wanted a lamb that was mainly pink with white accents instead of mainly white with gray accents...I made her choose from my stash the budget it tight this week cuz of the car threatening to fall apart.....both yarns are from JoAnn's beautiful line.

Feb 8-14

I finished nephews hat on 2-10. I sewed it together (no I didn't block it I haven't attempted blocking yet) and then used the white yarn from the leg warmers to back stitch two star outlines on the front so it roughly resembles a cowboys logo. I finished Ella's leg warmers on 2-14. I started a stuffed lamb on 2-11 flat on size 6 straights, which quickly got annoying because I had a 5 inch wide project between 2 16 inch long needles. i bought a set of bamboo dpn's in size 6 and knit flat on those. I finished the lamb on 2-14 also.

Feb 1-7

I started a hat for my nephew on 1-20 I followed the same pattern as the newborn hat but with the 9-12 month size..still on size 3 straights. I kept messing up I didn't have a long enough cast on tail twice, forgot to rib once and messed up my ribbing once before I got it going well. I made socks for Ella's doll. This was my first attempt at knitting in the round.... I used size 3 dpn's they are metal cuz metal is the cheapest....I had 3 failed attempts before I figured it out. and the toes are still wrong because I am not good at kitchener stitch. I then used this knowledge and the dpn's to make Ella some legwarmers for dance class, I used this project to learn how to cable.

January 09

I continued to plow away on Ella's blanket. I knit a tiny newborn hat flat on size 3 straights to practice hat making because Hubby's hat came out so bad. Then I knit a case his Iphone which came out too wide. After the first awful hat I learned about gauge and swatches... I knit the case flat on the size 3 straights so I knew how big it would come out. The case came out too big because I overestimated how wide I had to make it.

December 2008

I spent most of December working on a blanket for Ella... it consists of 3 colors knitted flat on size 8 circs. The blanket is 270 sts wide and will be approx. 240 rows long. (as of 2-17-09 I'm not finished I am at row 180 and I put the blanket in time-out to think about what it has done) I also attempted to make a hat for Matt. I knit the hat flat on size 5 straights. I did 6 rows of K2 P2 ribbing and then about 6 more inches in just stockinette. It didn't turn out :( so I threaded a drawstring through it and it is now a bag for my knitting accessories...scissors, row counters, tapestry needles etc.


Since I have only been knitting for 2 1/2 months, I'm still a newb..I am learning new things about knitting often and will be posting my struggles and triumphs on here to share with you. I am going to post quite a few entries today to cover most of what happened in the last 2 months so I have them archived. Just so you know sometimes the posts maybe about my job or my family and not particularly about knitting, but most will focus on the main topic.