Just spent a few hours in the sun. Sun warmed skin makes me feel so healthy.


We had a great day at the beach today. I think the kids really enjoyed it.


I don't have to walk up to the school for 69 days!


Poor Boy my cement is so rough on his knees, he was just moving around hands and feet


LG-"How do you know?"
Me-"I'm mom, I know everything! Hahahaha"


There was a huge ugly spider on The boy's head!!!


I've been collecting scraps of clothing that I might be able to use for sewing.



Took both kids to The fabric store where LG was naughty and then to Giant where The Boy was naughty.


I tried to teach The boy to blow kisses but he throws them from his eye, goof!


It is so beautiful outside today, a nice even 80 degrees! LG had her field day finally, the last time she got rained out, and she couldn't have requested better weather. It looked like lots of fun, I got to see her do Builders and Bulldozers, the parachute game, the rockwall and the obstacle course. She had a blast! Today was also National Donut Day so I went to Dunkin and got a free Donut with my favorite coffee. On the way back I stopped and got the girls some SnoBalls as a treat after playing hard outside for almost 3 hours.


Had an awesome time at Storyville!
The boy has been using his push toy to walk more and more!