LG lost a tooth, her lower left front tooth to be precise, The boy got his lower teeth right around the same time lol she is loosing and he is gaining. Speaking of his rottenness, The boy is officially on the move. Not really crawling but definitely army scooting himself across a room in no time. Halloween is almost here, LG had asked to be Sam from Icarly but I couldn't find the costume anywhere so she settled on a witch costume and we managed to pick up a vampire costume for The boy. I have managed to knit each of them and myself a hat. It's such a great feeling to see them wearing something I made :) it almost makes me want to hand make their costumes next year or something....hey I did say ALMOST. I am in awe of all the things LG is learning at school, there is a song that goes with almost every color to help them learn spelling. She has vocab homework and has learned words like glide and linger. At this rate she will be smarter than me by the end of 2nd grade.