Being a mommy can be a lot of work

I just realized that being a mommy means you have to wash the walls...there are handprints everywhere some of which I know are mine, from swinging myself around the kitchen corner. The boy has been grumpy and whining when I put him down, its been 10 days that he has had an elevated temperature of 99.whatever. I finally broke down and bought generic Tylenol from Amazon since I can't find it anywhere. But it's not here yet. I need to cover his face when he needs to sleep otherwise he will just stare all day. He is so nosy. LG had a nice weekend, she wanted to walk down the street to her friends house and I told her she could stay here or ride her bike there and she finally broke down and rode her bike without the training wheels. She does pretty well, just has a little trouble getting started but she almost never falls down. But now she has a fever and a bellyache. She is finding it very difficult to stay on the couch but that's the rule.

Attitude much?

Wow does my LG have an attitude! A few weeks ago she locked her bedroom door so I took the knob off, she was so upset but I told her I would if she locked it again so I had to follow through and yesterday she attempted to barricade me out of her room and she got a spanking for that one. She stomps her feet and yells and tells me that she hates me. She is getting so big and such a mind of her own. On Mothers day we took her training wheels off, She was riding her bike everyday but now she hasn't touched it lol. Not that the weather has been very amicable to bike riding anyway. So her misbehavior has gotten out of hand and I have had to bite my cheek and be firm with her or else end up very sad at the end of the day.

This blog is about knitting? really?

I am so excited about this mystery knit along I got involved it. LOL it's silly. Once a week they give you a small part of the pattern but that's it they don't tell you what you are making. I'm on the third week and I have a guess at what it is, I hope I'm not right cuz I will have no use for it if I am but I am learning new skills and having a great time! I told hubby he should just go find a pattern in one of my books, one that I want to make but am intimated by and just give me a few steps a week to do so I can practice at making something awesome. That would be too much fun.

I am so excited

The boy started swatting his toys today. I have been waiting for this but he was more interested in talking, which is fine of course. But today he was sitting in the bouncer and hubby noticed he was interacting with his toys dangling there and said something. Sure enough he was smacking away at the little fabric soup pot as happy as could be. I have been worried about him getting enough sleep. I feel as tho he is always getting woken up my his sister or the infant I have in my childcare. When the boy gets over tired he cries so hard and is so angry. Poor thing