Being a mommy can be a lot of work

I just realized that being a mommy means you have to wash the walls...there are handprints everywhere some of which I know are mine, from swinging myself around the kitchen corner. The boy has been grumpy and whining when I put him down, its been 10 days that he has had an elevated temperature of 99.whatever. I finally broke down and bought generic Tylenol from Amazon since I can't find it anywhere. But it's not here yet. I need to cover his face when he needs to sleep otherwise he will just stare all day. He is so nosy. LG had a nice weekend, she wanted to walk down the street to her friends house and I told her she could stay here or ride her bike there and she finally broke down and rode her bike without the training wheels. She does pretty well, just has a little trouble getting started but she almost never falls down. But now she has a fever and a bellyache. She is finding it very difficult to stay on the couch but that's the rule.

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