Burp cloths!

When I was pregnant with both my children I attempted to knit them a blanket. LG's didn't get very far and it was the first and last thing I knit for 4 years. I began knitting hardcore for a while before I even became pregnant with the boy so I was convinced that I would be able to knit my son a blanket, I chose a beautiful pattern full of lovely cables but no I couldn't do it...why you ask? Because blankets are just too darn big! I'm an impatient person and I enjoy having a finished project in my hand 2 weeks after starting it, a month max.
So my adorable son has been spitting up all day and everywhere and I decided I would use some scrap yarn I had to make him a burp cloth..it was a simple pattern just plain stockinette stitch with a garter trim. boring! then I found a basket weave pattern and I LOVE it! it was so simple since it was the same stitch pattern whether I was working the back or the front (well it was that way for 6 rows and then 6 rows of it reversed) And now I want to make so many more for the boy and for anyone else I know who will ever have a baby! I used Sirdar Baby Bamboo for this just because I had it laying around, this is the yarn I got to actually make his blanket with!

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