small achivement

I have knit my soon to be son a sweater and a pair of booties. I attempted to knit him a blanket but I decided that a blanket is just too big of a project for me...yesterday I started on a hat. He will need a hat when he is still in the hospital and I do not like those ones they give you that are pink and blue striped. So I'm knitting a hat that I will prolly have to rip out because I think its too small even tho I swatched......whatever. The good, exciting news, the whole reason I am making this post is I figured it out! I figured out how to avoid laddering while knitting in the round with DPN's! yay! it's been a year since I started knitting and I have tried on many occasions to solve this issue I even did the technique where you switch the stitches to different needles...nothing worked until now! I am so happy. PS this is my baby #2 belly at 27 weeks