Hubby found new job, as a maintenance man at an Extended Stay Hotel. He starts tomorrow, his schedule will be Tuesday thru Saturday.  I am so thankful that he has a wide range of skills and was able to find a new job so quickly.

I went down to the college today to see what I need to do to round out my degree. The counselor says I have 59 credits and with one more credit I can be licensed to direct a center of 20 kids! Very interesting I will have to think about it. After that I need to take 2 tests and 3 more 1 credit classes to get a degree to run a center of 60 children. It's alot to consider.


The kidlets spend the night with my parents last night. This morning my parents took them to the National Aquarium for a day trip, as a gift to LG. LG says she really enjoyed and My mom says The boy would point at the fish, oh and ah for a minute and then want to move on to the next exhibit. He also enjoyed riding the light rail "train." Then they all went to Hooters for lunch where they made LG to the chicken dance for a free dessert.


Today was the day of the party. We went with a bowling party, It was the best deal we could find for her budget. We sent out the invites 2.5 weeks in advance LG was allowed to invite 8 friends. She invited a few from her class, one who was in her class last year, a neighbor and the little girl I watch who is also in first grade. Only one of her classmates came, I was so glad that the neighbor and childcare girls came. And I am shocked that no one called to say they wouldn't be coming. All that aside I think she had a blast. They played a game and a half of bowling. Ate popcorn and pizza , except for the birthday girl who requested a hotdog. They all loved the cake. Even Hubby and The boy had a good time. The rainbow themed bowling party was a success!


I spent nearly all day working on LG's birthday cake for her party tomorrow. Take a peek at this amazing tutorial!  Her directions specified 9 inch cake pans, well I inherited three 9.5 inch cake pans recently so I thought I would be fine. My cake layers were a little too thin and I used too much icing. The cake was beautiful but it took 3.5 cans of icing, so when you ate it it was like drowning in a pool of icing. Better luck next time? Maybe if I loose my mind again :)


LG comes home today and says "I have a surprise for you in my lunch box." When I opened it there was nothing in there aside from her food containers. The surprise? She ate all of her lunch! lol silly girl


LG had a check up with the eye doctor today. She got her glasses right before Christmas last year then in March (I think) he asked us to start having her wear a patch over her left eye (the hard working one) so that the right eye can get a workout, for about 2 hours everyday. Honestly she wears the patch 4 days out of 7. We have to work on that. After testing her he says her score is slightly lower than it was at her last visit. LG was disappointed because she remembers the doctor telling her she should be finished with her glasses before first grade starts.


One of the children from my mom's daycare was with us today. I was with him for almost 2 years while I was still working for my mom. He is 3 now and it was nice to have some time to spend with him and having an older boy for my little men to play with.


It's sunday and I had to work. poo! But it is nice to be able to make a little extra cash.


Today is my Hubby's 26th birthday!  Woo woo! We went present shopping for LG. Luckily we bought hubby's present a few months back.


Hubby got laid off today. His birthday is tomorrow. We've been having some bad luck with that. Last year on his birthday he was let go from a previous job because of a change in management. For the last 3 months (yes 3 months which means he was days away from receiving benefits) he has been working on a crew that installs traffic lights and signs. The boss had his whole crew in the office this morning to tell them that she no longer has any work for them. Don't worry. I know he has a few weeks of unemployment. We'll figure it out.


LG lost her second top front tooth during lunch at school today. Now she can sing All I want for my birthday is my two front teeth :)


The Boy had his evaluation for the Infants and Toddlers Early Intervention program today. He is right on the border, barely qualifying. So they want to see him twice a month for gross motor physical therapy and just once a month to work on his communication skills.


LG came home with her first homework packet of the year. All first graders must do a page each of language arts, math and spelling. Then they are asked to read for 20 minutes.


Went to my FIL's birthday party. When we got home The Boy was so tired that he slept through his diaper change and it was only 9:35pm!



Today the childcare kids and I made sugar cookies using this recipe and topped them with this icing. I am teaching them about circles and the color red so we made round cookies with red frosting. They were amazing!


I want to remember forever, how proud i am of my son today for just standing there in the middle of the floor.


I simply love Pinterest. I'm using it to visually organize my sewing bookmarks.


Happy Labor day! We went swimming at the gym pool


I like to do all my sewing projects at once since its such a big deal setting up a sewing station. So I also practices some t-shirt resizing using some Hanes in a bag t-shirts (the label said size 2- 5T ha!) I'm impressed with the results, I had to use black thread as I was out of white and just used a zig-zag stitch since I don't own a serger.                 




Made a sweet little bread bag for LG out of some left over rainbow fabric. It didn't come out as big as I thought it would and she told me she didn't know how to open it the first time. But I like it and I also like that shes not throwing a plastic bag each time I send her with bread or crackers.


It is raining non-stop here and the boy and his buddies have cabin fever! Today I put Toy Story on for them. I thought the boy would like it because he knows who Buzz Lightyear is but he was the first to get up.


School is back and The boy is walking more and more. He likes to sike himself up first, he'll pull himself to standing on the table or something and say "one, one GO!" and walk off with the proud look on his face, Or sometimes he will point at a toy and babble about it and then walk over to it. Btw the only number he can say is "one" so when he counts he says "one, one, one"


Second day with no school. LG is disappointed but behaving very well. She did what I asked her and was very patient and understanding.


Schools are closed today due to power outages in the county, yesterday around noon I didn't realize Irene had left so many people in our area without power and I climbed in the car for an simple 15 minute ride to Joann's. After going through 3 non functioning traffic lights I arrived at an abandoned shopping center. I had never seen anything like it before even on holidays. I guess I'll put my shopping trip off for another day.


Hurricane Irene skipped right over us, the power flickered once or twice and there are a few random branches in the yard but that's all. I realize now how lucky we were. My heart goes out to all of the families who experienced any loss due to Irene.


Hurricane Irene is headed our way. The kids got a hair cut this morning.


LG says her first day of Art this year was awesome. She loves being an artist. The other day she was deep in thought and when asked she said she was trying to decide if she wants to be a singer or an artist when she grows up.


He took some steps today independently with no encouragement, Just surprise "look at me momma I'm walking." and his expression says just that "hey be proud of me!"


The boy has been biting me, in an affectionate almost kiss way. It's sweet but I have to get him to stop before it develops into something more.


I'm sure most of you know what happened today but we'll get to that later. Today was LG's first day was first grade. She was so excited, she asked me to leave her at the school sign instead of the front door to the school.My Little Girl growing up, walking herself into the school and to her classroom. tear* And yes today was the earthquake, Hubby has experienced an earthquake before on a trip to Cali but it was a first for me and the children. Lg was at school (we've covered this hehe) she says a poster fell off the wall and one desk in her classroom tilted, all of the children in her school were evacuated. The boy was napping the quake woke him up, he is such a good boy I went in there and did his bedtime routine again and he fell back asleep. Hubby was at work he tells me it only took him a few seconds to realize what was happening and he was frustrated because no one on his crew believed him when he said it was an earthquake. It was quiet time I was on the couch, The boy and his buddies were napping and the 5 year old I watch was upstairs playing barbies. At first just the couch shook, it was weird so I got up and walked around the couch, maybe hubby had snuck home and was shaking the couch. Nothing, shrug, so I sat back down then came the rattling I jumped up to go get the 5 year old. She was already screaming and running down the stairs to me, I tried to calm her and then remembered that I'm responsible for her so I took her into the bathroom. I was trying to convince her to sit there and wait for me so I could go check on the baby boys when it stopped. We were a little shaken but I was convinced it had something to do with the utility workers working in the street right next door, they must have done something to the pipes, yea that's it. After I soothed The boy and one of his friends (the 3rd slept through it!) we went upstairs to start the pizza dough in the bread machine. Then the phone rings, it's her mom, all nervous wondering if we are ok....That's when it hit me. We then packed up and went to pick up LG from her school yard. What an exciting first day of school!


Today is the last day of Summer for LG. Now that The boy is 18 months we have officially entered the "separation anxiety" stage, he cries now when we drop him at the gym. I hope it gets better after his molars break through.


I made my first patchwork project today. A cute little button close change purse using this tutorial. I am quite proud of it. You can see I went with a button instead of a snap because I'm an instant gratification type of person and do not yet own a snap kit.


The last two years have been pretty rough with LG. I'm not quite sure when it started, her 5th birthday or when we moved or after the move when I was unemployed for 6 months. We both found a way to get on each others nerves and we just stayed that way. (Almost) Everyday was a constant struggle. Whining, stomping, talking back. Then she started Kindergarten and getting her out the door in the morning was tough.We tried everything, time outs, grounding, reward charts...nothing worked. And then boom August 11 our first day of Staycation. We were headed to mom-moms and running late I was just trying to get them out the door so I poured some Reese Puffs (the cereal she had been picking almost daily for weeks) into a baggie so she could eat it in the car. She comes upstairs and sees what I'm doing and I know its coming, I prepare myself for the "humpf" and the stomping and the whine. Then she crosses her arms and says "I'm not pleased." That's it bam! I still don't know what changed her mind, but she has been so incredibly pleasant ever since, not perfect mind you but much much better. Who knows how long it'll last but I am one happy momma.


We went to the meet and greet at LG's school. It was nice all day then at 4pm it started pouring down rain and I mean pouring. There were no parking spots so LG and I had to run across the field and the parking lot to the door! Her teacher seems nice, I expected a little speech but we just dropped off her supplies (except for the stuff I forgot oops) and talked to the teacher for about 1.5 minutes. We tried walking around, finding the closest bathroom, doing a dry run of the walk from the door to her class (because we had come in a different one,) stopping by to see her KG teacher but it was still pouring when we left.

The boy likes to talk about what/who is on his shirt everyday. He has a pair of Mickey Mouse pj's. When I ask him "who's that?" he says "hotdog hotdog hot diggity dog."


Back to work. I have been toying with the idea of putting the boy into the Infant and Toddlers Early Intervention program, because he is now 18 months and still not walking. But every time I would take a step towards getting him in he makes a little progress and I think oh he will be fine, so I drop it for a while and it's like he plateaus. So last week I called to get him officially evaluated. I got the call this morning saying his appointment is on the 6th and wouldn't you know it he takes 9 steps! in a row! That's it little boy you have 2.5 to start walking.

By the way we had this for dinner and it was amazing!!! The kids thought it was a little spicy. Next time I'm adding more noodles and more cheese I can hardly wait.
I messed up my roux and need to watch someone make one on youtube real quick, I'm sure I'll get it then.


Day 6 of Staycation: Clean up

Lg lost a tooth yesterday. It's her third but she somehow swallowed the other two so last night was her first visit from the tooth fairy.

This is me caught up on my blogging!!!! (aside from a few edits I put on the back burner)


Took the kiddos to a different quilt store (The selection there is amazing) They behaved very well and LG earned herself a "good deed" punch for carrying the bolts of fabric since Mommy was carrying the boy.

After a very unsatisfying lunch at McDonald's (because the location was convenient) We took the boy to his 18 month checkup. He is on track in every area aside from the walking. Weighs 21 lbs 10.5 ounces and is 31.5 inches tall.

After Dad got home from work we went to Kohl's for some back to school clothes. We were going to go to the gym but they had no infant space for the boy (They have to put him in the infant area until he walks their policy not mine)


Day 4 of Staycation : Family time

We had lunch at the Chinese Buffet. It was OK not great but still good. Then we attended a birthday party at Pic n Paint Pottery hosted by another one of Ella's old friends.


Day 3 of Staycation: Laziness

After picking up the kiddos from Mom-mom at the nail salon we went home and relaxed, The boy and Hubby have a cold and LG needs to finish her summer packet homework.
Her KG teacher sent her home with a 5 minute activity for everyday M-F of summer vacation but she lost it I just found it yesterday and the done to not done ratio is not happy making.


Day 2 of Staycation: Pool

We went with Mom-mom to visit one of LG's old friends and spent the day swimming in his pool. The kids then spent the night with Mom-mom and Paps, they had a bonfire!


Day one of Staycation: Shopping!

Today the kiddos and I went to
Target for School Supplies
BJ's for provisionals and
Shoppers for hopefully 2 weeks worth of groceries

(The fruit at Shoppers was very disappointing)


Finally got the globe water sprinkler blown up and working. I bought it last November, and couldn't find where I had stashed it all summer. We also went to The Olive Garden to celebrate my little brother's 25th birthday.

Carrabbas > The Olive Garden


Made today's pizza dough with bread flour instead of All purpose. It was amazing!


I planned on doing a product review for todays post. Maybe I will come back and edit this later.


LG can successfully give herself a shower from start to finish.


We went out for crabs!!!! The only tables available when we arrived at the restaurant were outside picnic tables and yes it rained on us but only a little.


The other day while the boy was napping I went out to the fabric store. When he woke hubby went in his room and got him up. The boy hugged his dada and then sat up and looked around the room. Said something in gibberish, pointed at the playroom and told his dad to "go." Hubby brought him into the playroom where he looked around again and said more gibberish again. Then he noticed the car wasn't in the driveway. Mentioned it to his dad and then sighed. Hubby thinks he was looking for me and then realized I was gone if the car was gone.


A day of Favorites Lg first then the boy

Books: Don't let the pigeon drive the bus by Mo Willems
Freight Train (the board book) by D. Crews

Tv shows: Phineas & Ferb and Good luck Charlie
Umizoomi and Bubble Guppies

Food: Tomatoes
Macaroni and Cheese

Toy/Game : Being an artist (her words)
Choo choos


I love the Cardio Combat class at the gym. It kicks my butt but I feel so good afterwards.


Sewing machine is still out so I whipped up this little wallet to hold my "no new baby" medicine.


I made a wet bag for LG to throw her swim suit in after a day at the pool using this tutorial. We were generously handed down a train table! The kids all love it especially the little boys.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

7.30.11 and 7.31.11

The boy caught a stomach virus (from the gym kids I'm assuming) It spread through here like wildfire. First The Boy then LG then a handful of the Childcare kids and their parents. Hubby and I were lucky enough to avoid it.


The boy can walk in the toddler pool at the gym. The water is about 1.5 feet deep and he took about 10 steps (in a row) on his own.


LG has a loose tooth


Can't get over how cute The boy is now that he can communicate a little. Last night I went to pick him up from the daycare at the gym and the lady there was holding him because he had fallen and he saw his cup and was saying "cup, cup, cup" and making his little "come on/come here" hand movement. So adorable.


Today LG put in a fashion show. And let me tell you this girl knows what she is doing! I love the way she wore her hair clip and she can apply eyeshadow better than I can.


I'll be back here to talk about LG hat.


Hubby has been wanting to join a gym for a while and lately I've noticed that even tho I have a low BMI I was getting winded after climbing the stairs or dancing for half of a song. So we finally signed up and today was our first visit. Here's to many more!


The boy and I went with Mommom to visit Poppy, her father.


Winter hats part one: I really like this monster hat for The boy but after reading the pattern I decided I do not like the way it is constructed so I am making him different earflap hats I can add the monster features too. Today I finished this one. It's nice but I do not like the pooling or how the flaps roll up. Stop by later to see which hat I try next.


Lg has always pronounced the word except as ba-cept when she was 4 we tried to fix it and she tried but couldn't get it so we let it go. Well now she is 6 almost 7 and learning how to spell..."mom how do you spell bacept? I already have the B"


The LG is ALWAYS hungry! Eating the whole house and asking for more.


The Boy has this new game. He gets you to draw a picture on the magnadoodle and then he erases it while you are drawing it. He loves it if I scream "oh no"


We hung out at mom-moms all day swimming in the pool and chilling in the hottub.


Tonight was the first night that both kids slept over at Mom mom and Paps. (I forgot The Boy's loveys bad mommy) Hubby took me birthday shopping I got 3 hanks of yarn from CloverHill and 8 or 9 Fat Quarters from the Quilt Store next door. Later I got my hair cut and colored and we went out to the club for some dancing.


We sat in the front yard and watched LG ride her bike. The Boy likes to clap and cheer when she goes fast.


Nothing compares to an ice cream cake. This year we went with classic Carvel but I think next year we will try something a little more crazy


The Boy took 4 steps today

Update 7.28 Not taking steps anymore he things he is supposed to stand and then crash on to his butt Goof


Happy Birthday to me. We went to dinner at Chevys with the fam. Mom mom took the kids on the choo choo at Arundel Mills.


My adorable nephew visited us today. The Boy and him share a love for "choo choo's"


The Boy won't sit still through a whole Bubble Guppies so I can sleep in anymore. He does sit longer for UmiZoomi tho. Mom mom and Paps took LG to Tuckahoe. And I diagnosed myself with migraines that get so bad I can't sit up or watch tv. Don't worry because now I know the warning signs, I am prepared for the next one.


I just found out that today is Day 5 of Hubby's 19 day stretch of work with no days off. LG is with mom mom and I spent the day sorting all of the laundry in the house, should really stop letting it pile up.


Really? Florida?!? and you didn't think you needed to call and let us know?


Turned a bib and a pair of shorts from when LG was a baby into patches for her glasses. Then after I finished sewing them we found the one she lost.


Feeling cruddy today. So I am treating myself to chipotle maybe it will cheer me up.


Nothing note worthy for a few days so lets post some memories.

While pregnant with LG I craved all things fresh and fruity and for a month straight I ate a whole tomato every day

The Boy on the other hand had me craving junk like McDonalds french fries with extra salt and Wetzels Pretzels


We bought The boy a convertible carseat and LG a barely used bike with the winnings. I think the rest is going in the bank.


Hubby went to the casino to blow off some steam and ended up turning $100 into $1000.


A therapist (O.T.) comes to see CKM, every Thursday. We talked about The Boy turning 17 months this weekend and still not walking. We talked about his right foot facing 90 degrees to the right. She wants me to ask his doctor to look at his hip. His next doctor appointment is in August.


LG had a lemonade stand today. She only charged 25¢ a cup because there were no actual lemons involved just powdered crystal light! She made $2.50 which breaks down to a neighbor who was gardening and 9 neighborhood friends.


Tuesdays will be Water Play days. The boy and his buddy CKI love the water. Their other little friend CKM hates it :)


I think Mondays will be puzzle day. LG, CKA (childcare Kid A) and I had a blast making a puzzle while the little ones slept.


Lg is at her dad's. I didnt get much sleep last night. The Boy and I tagged along with Hubby on a side job for the day. I cannot find a pattern to cast on for the Ryan Family christmas.


The childcare kids were surprising well behaved for children who havent seen me in a week. Today they remembered that they are supposed to act bonkers.


All home now and back to work. BOOOO! I have found the new tooth to blame for The Boys lack of appetite. I call it the missing one. He had 4 up top and 3 on the bottom, strangest thing I have never seen just one tooth come in on a baby and he ran around with out the matching one for 2 months. But it has finally decided to make an appearance.


We stopped at Sonic on the way home. I got The Boy some nuggets but he is still not eating. I had a burger with Jalapenos on it and it was A MA ZING. I love me a good burger.


It's just me and The boy here now. Hubby had to go back to work and LG decided to head home with her Gparents. It rained in the morning. We spent sometime with my cousin and her lovely daughters who have the fortune to leave out here.


Rainy day at the beach today. The boy is grumpy and won't eat anything. LG spent $12 at Candy Kitchen some was for Paps for fathers day but most was for herself.


LG and I went to the bead store and I tried my hand at beading. I made a knitting row counter and I LOVE IT.


Just spent a few hours in the sun. Sun warmed skin makes me feel so healthy.


We had a great day at the beach today. I think the kids really enjoyed it.


I don't have to walk up to the school for 69 days!


Poor Boy my cement is so rough on his knees, he was just moving around hands and feet


LG-"How do you know?"
Me-"I'm mom, I know everything! Hahahaha"


There was a huge ugly spider on The boy's head!!!


I've been collecting scraps of clothing that I might be able to use for sewing.



Took both kids to The fabric store where LG was naughty and then to Giant where The Boy was naughty.


I tried to teach The boy to blow kisses but he throws them from his eye, goof!


It is so beautiful outside today, a nice even 80 degrees! LG had her field day finally, the last time she got rained out, and she couldn't have requested better weather. It looked like lots of fun, I got to see her do Builders and Bulldozers, the parachute game, the rockwall and the obstacle course. She had a blast! Today was also National Donut Day so I went to Dunkin and got a free Donut with my favorite coffee. On the way back I stopped and got the girls some SnoBalls as a treat after playing hard outside for almost 3 hours.


Had an awesome time at Storyville!
The boy has been using his push toy to walk more and more!
Managed to make 2 bibs today. Very excited.
Winner winner chicken dinner
Matt shaved his face clean and The Boy kept making funny faces at him.
Nothing to post today so I'll just jot down an important date 4.17.11 The boy's last nursing session


The slide died today :(


I caught LG gluing bite size Oreos to a piece of paper, I had to explain to her that not only do we never use food in our art but we never ever deny oreos from being eaten!
LG is becoming such a good reader! She just read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss to me with zero mistakes.
:) cherries are in season.
:( my socks were too tight to go over my heel and I had to frog them.
LG has so many friends in the neighborhood, we've resorted to posting a sign on the door when she is not home.
Matt let me sleep in. I didn't get outta bed til 10am.

A sentence a day

Found The Boy splashing in the toilet, had to fish out a matchbox car