Tonight was the first night that both kids slept over at Mom mom and Paps. (I forgot The Boy's loveys bad mommy) Hubby took me birthday shopping I got 3 hanks of yarn from CloverHill and 8 or 9 Fat Quarters from the Quilt Store next door. Later I got my hair cut and colored and we went out to the club for some dancing.


We sat in the front yard and watched LG ride her bike. The Boy likes to clap and cheer when she goes fast.


Nothing compares to an ice cream cake. This year we went with classic Carvel but I think next year we will try something a little more crazy


The Boy took 4 steps today

Update 7.28 Not taking steps anymore he things he is supposed to stand and then crash on to his butt Goof


Happy Birthday to me. We went to dinner at Chevys with the fam. Mom mom took the kids on the choo choo at Arundel Mills.


My adorable nephew visited us today. The Boy and him share a love for "choo choo's"


The Boy won't sit still through a whole Bubble Guppies so I can sleep in anymore. He does sit longer for UmiZoomi tho. Mom mom and Paps took LG to Tuckahoe. And I diagnosed myself with migraines that get so bad I can't sit up or watch tv. Don't worry because now I know the warning signs, I am prepared for the next one.


I just found out that today is Day 5 of Hubby's 19 day stretch of work with no days off. LG is with mom mom and I spent the day sorting all of the laundry in the house, should really stop letting it pile up.


Really? Florida?!? and you didn't think you needed to call and let us know?


Turned a bib and a pair of shorts from when LG was a baby into patches for her glasses. Then after I finished sewing them we found the one she lost.


Feeling cruddy today. So I am treating myself to chipotle maybe it will cheer me up.


Nothing note worthy for a few days so lets post some memories.

While pregnant with LG I craved all things fresh and fruity and for a month straight I ate a whole tomato every day

The Boy on the other hand had me craving junk like McDonalds french fries with extra salt and Wetzels Pretzels


We bought The boy a convertible carseat and LG a barely used bike with the winnings. I think the rest is going in the bank.


Hubby went to the casino to blow off some steam and ended up turning $100 into $1000.


A therapist (O.T.) comes to see CKM, every Thursday. We talked about The Boy turning 17 months this weekend and still not walking. We talked about his right foot facing 90 degrees to the right. She wants me to ask his doctor to look at his hip. His next doctor appointment is in August.


LG had a lemonade stand today. She only charged 25¢ a cup because there were no actual lemons involved just powdered crystal light! She made $2.50 which breaks down to a neighbor who was gardening and 9 neighborhood friends.


Tuesdays will be Water Play days. The boy and his buddy CKI love the water. Their other little friend CKM hates it :)


I think Mondays will be puzzle day. LG, CKA (childcare Kid A) and I had a blast making a puzzle while the little ones slept.


Lg is at her dad's. I didnt get much sleep last night. The Boy and I tagged along with Hubby on a side job for the day. I cannot find a pattern to cast on for the Ryan Family christmas.


The childcare kids were surprising well behaved for children who havent seen me in a week. Today they remembered that they are supposed to act bonkers.


All home now and back to work. BOOOO! I have found the new tooth to blame for The Boys lack of appetite. I call it the missing one. He had 4 up top and 3 on the bottom, strangest thing I have never seen just one tooth come in on a baby and he ran around with out the matching one for 2 months. But it has finally decided to make an appearance.


We stopped at Sonic on the way home. I got The Boy some nuggets but he is still not eating. I had a burger with Jalapenos on it and it was A MA ZING. I love me a good burger.


It's just me and The boy here now. Hubby had to go back to work and LG decided to head home with her Gparents. It rained in the morning. We spent sometime with my cousin and her lovely daughters who have the fortune to leave out here.


Rainy day at the beach today. The boy is grumpy and won't eat anything. LG spent $12 at Candy Kitchen some was for Paps for fathers day but most was for herself.


LG and I went to the bead store and I tried my hand at beading. I made a knitting row counter and I LOVE IT.