We went to the meet and greet at LG's school. It was nice all day then at 4pm it started pouring down rain and I mean pouring. There were no parking spots so LG and I had to run across the field and the parking lot to the door! Her teacher seems nice, I expected a little speech but we just dropped off her supplies (except for the stuff I forgot oops) and talked to the teacher for about 1.5 minutes. We tried walking around, finding the closest bathroom, doing a dry run of the walk from the door to her class (because we had come in a different one,) stopping by to see her KG teacher but it was still pouring when we left.

The boy likes to talk about what/who is on his shirt everyday. He has a pair of Mickey Mouse pj's. When I ask him "who's that?" he says "hotdog hotdog hot diggity dog."

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Quiltstory said...

My kids love Mickey Mouse too...especially that song! Too cute :) Thanks for stopping by :)

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