Back to work. I have been toying with the idea of putting the boy into the Infant and Toddlers Early Intervention program, because he is now 18 months and still not walking. But every time I would take a step towards getting him in he makes a little progress and I think oh he will be fine, so I drop it for a while and it's like he plateaus. So last week I called to get him officially evaluated. I got the call this morning saying his appointment is on the 6th and wouldn't you know it he takes 9 steps! in a row! That's it little boy you have 2.5 to start walking.

By the way we had this for dinner and it was amazing!!! The kids thought it was a little spicy. Next time I'm adding more noodles and more cheese I can hardly wait.
I messed up my roux and need to watch someone make one on youtube real quick, I'm sure I'll get it then.

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