The last two years have been pretty rough with LG. I'm not quite sure when it started, her 5th birthday or when we moved or after the move when I was unemployed for 6 months. We both found a way to get on each others nerves and we just stayed that way. (Almost) Everyday was a constant struggle. Whining, stomping, talking back. Then she started Kindergarten and getting her out the door in the morning was tough.We tried everything, time outs, grounding, reward charts...nothing worked. And then boom August 11 our first day of Staycation. We were headed to mom-moms and running late I was just trying to get them out the door so I poured some Reese Puffs (the cereal she had been picking almost daily for weeks) into a baggie so she could eat it in the car. She comes upstairs and sees what I'm doing and I know its coming, I prepare myself for the "humpf" and the stomping and the whine. Then she crosses her arms and says "I'm not pleased." That's it bam! I still don't know what changed her mind, but she has been so incredibly pleasant ever since, not perfect mind you but much much better. Who knows how long it'll last but I am one happy momma.

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