sweet baby

so I like to knit small things so I can practice before I attempt to knit the big ones. So I made this sweater. It's newborn sized....don't get excited I'm not pregnant. I made the sweater now I just have to make a baby to go in it! (haha I made a joke) alright enough of that. I plan on making a hat and booties and a blanket to match...yay fun! I may even make a whole set in yellow too. I'm struggling with the hat because I am trying to find patterns that are free or that are at the library but they have to use DK yarn and have to be knit on size 6 and I have to be able to put ribbing on it. I cast on 72 sts but it wasn't big enough...not quite sure how big a newborns head is but it barely fit on a baby doll. oh well I have PLENTY of time to get it right!

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