The rabbit

This morning I was messing around on facebook when LG comes running "mom what do rabbits eat?" "Rabbits are herbivores, they eat vegetables" "oh like carrots" "yes like carrots" "I need a carrot, there is a rabbit in our yard" "we don't have any carrots but we do have lettuce, you can give the rabbit lettuce" So she goes upstairs and gets a small piece of lettuce out of the fridge, takes it outside and lays it on the driveway. Then she comes back in and gets her chair and places it practically on top of the lettuce and waits.

The rabbit never returned...I went out there with her and we moved to the front steps but after about 30 mins she said "I'm bored, I don't think the rabbit is coming back" She had wanted to catch it and keep it. The whole thing was just too cute.

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