My little family

The boy has such quiet little cries. Like a lamb bleating. He made that noise when he was born and the nurse said he was just clearing out his chest but no those are his cries. He only gets loud when he is hurt or if you don't answer to him after 5 minutes. He is so happy, so social I cannot believe a baby this small can be so social! He just loves to look at people or himself in the mirror and smile. I can't get a picture of it though because he can't see me with a camera in my face :) Hubby adores the boy...a few weeks ago he started saying "Hello" to the boy and the boy made a cooing sound that rose and fell just like the word "hello" does, it's crazy. LG just can't get enough of her brother, she always wants to hold him and be next to him. She needs to know where he is and what he is doing at all times. She makes up games to get him to smile. When he was new she made up songs and sang off-key and he would stop crying every time. As he grew the songs stopped working and for a while she found that she could cry at him to hush his cries. Now she just touches his noses and says "one brother, two brothers, three brothers and a kiss" it's just priceless. She also thinks she knows exactly how to take care of him and that I am completely clueless. She is always giving me tips on what do to.

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