The young

I had a blog planned for today but I will write it down somewhere and save it for another day. Last night I took LG with me to the viewing. It was closed casket so I took her up there. and I said "there is a man in that box....he was my cousin and his name was Patrick. The other day Patrick got really sick and now his body is broken and he died. Just like the bird you saw last year." "why, mommy? why is he died?" "His body and broken now....remember how I told you about running into the road after your chalk? If a car breaks your chalk we can buy new chalk. but if a car breaks you we can't buy a new you. Because you are special and you are the only LG in the world." So then we went on again about how now Patrick is broken and how special he was to us. And she got real sad and I thought she understood. Until this morning...this morning she wanted to call Dr. House to see if he could fix Patrick. I had to tell her that the doctors already tried to fix him but they couldn't. Then I tore a piece of paper apart and asked her if we could fix it. And of course we could not. I'm sorry LG, sorry that bodies don't last forever but we have to be happy about the time we had with him and that his life was special.

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