"Don't Settle"

I've been trying to live by this -Don't settle. And I have come up with some guidelines so you can follow this mantra too.
1.Do settle on the shirt you're going to wear today-some days it feels like no shirt is the right shirt, just put one on and go or you will be late for work
2. Don't settle on the shirt you're buying today- if you don't LOVE it in the store then we both know it will just end up in the back of the closet next to that sweater you got for christmas 2 years ago.
3. Do settle when it comes to picking your top myspace friends
4. Don't settle when picking out a boy/girlfriend/wife/husband-life is too short for lousy boyfriends.
Well I'm not a professional journalist so that's all I can think of LoL. just remember this...If the decision is going to effect your life for more than a week make sure it's a choice you can live with that long! k? love ya bye

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