So today I had planned on trying to finish the stuffed cat and pig I had been knitting based on the pig on the front of this book. I'm figured I just have to modify the nose, ears and tail to make the pig look like a cat. But I have been so busy today. I aspire to become a baker and I am not very good at it Lol. I have a tip to share with you if you want to try your hand at baking. now this may seem like common sense but I'm not sure that it is. Ok so after you pour the batter out of the bowl into the baking pan, throw the mixer and the spreading spoon you used in the bowl and take 3 minutes to rinse it right now, before the batter has a chance to dry believe me you will appreciate it.

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woolywoman said...

Better hint, start a sink full of dishwater and clean up as you go. When you slip the last pan into the oven, clean up the mixer bowl,spoon,spatula and whatever else you haven't already washed up. Wipe down counters, and mixer and all you have to do when the pan comes out of the oven is the pan.

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