goodness I have been to sicky to have the desire to sit in front of the computer. But you have to hear this. I need better stitch markers I have been using hair bands and it is just not working out. So I went on ebay looking for cheap stitch markers that were pretty to look at and effective. So I found these heavy metal jump rings that I suppose were being sold to someone who wanted to make thier own chain mail or something cuz they were being sold in sets of 5000! So I wrote the seller a letter requesting to buy only 500 or so. It turns out that the seller is from China and his solution was to start a brand new 7 day auction for 500 rings with no buyout. So I had to wait a week and I got outbid! I could buy 5000 rings for $11.00 or 500 rings for $8.00. So of course I bought the bigger lot. Let me know if you want any lol. Yesterday I had off work so I knit Matt a new case for his Iphone well guess what? this time it is too small! It almost, almost fits. blah whatever so now he just needs to get back in line cuz I need to finish my mom's purse and some toeless socks for me. You can wait buster!!! Also I took LG to register for Kindergarten today and all I did was fill out an application for early admittance and know I have to wait until May for the next step

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