This weekend we went out of town and I was supposed to drive my crossover and my hubby was gonna ride with his step-father who was driving our pick-up....well then my FIL tells me we are going to take 495 and i said "oh, no I am not driving on 495" so Hubby drove the crossover and I passengered with him.....It was so scary I had my eyes closed more than half the time! My FIL was towing a trailer behind the pickup and we were following him until some one cut us off and I got so freaked I was thinking what if this idiot slams on his breaks and we don't have time and we slam into him and it sends him slamming into the pickup....then I would have to call my insurance company and explain to them how we crashed our crossover into our pickup. I could just imagine telling the phone rep that and him asking me to hold so he could get his supervisor, then I am asked to repeat the story and it turns out that I wasn't transferred at all...they just put me on speakerphone and the whole office is laughing at me. I am never going near 495 again.

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