So I won a third auction off ebay from China...I bought a bunch of dpns for really cheap. They sent me a letter saying that the shipped but it will take 20 days to get here!!! so it's only been 10 days since I bought the jump rings.... I think the Internet is bad for me, always being so instant gratification and stuff. Leaves me with no patience to wait for 20 days. Sometimes I wonder how I ever waited 38 weeks for LG. Yea she was 13 days early, lol I was supposed to work that day. I remember I was at work on Tuesday and I was dancing even (one of the many perks of working with kids you can act as silly as you like and no one cares) and one of my co-workers told me that I shouldn't because of the baby and she was born less than 24 hours after that. Thank fully my labor was short and my baby was small. I hope to be as lucky next time lol.

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