Firsts: Friday first day of school

LG has had quite the week!
Friday was her very first day of school.
They did staggered entrance so it was only her and 7 only children to give them a chance to adjust. We woke up at 7:15, ate breakfast packed her lunch, and tried not to be too excited and not rush too much as we waited for MomMom to arrive so she could walk with us to school. When MomMom arrived we loaded The Boy and Baby CCC into the wagon and headed off. When we got there LG found her teacher and stood in-line. I had emailed her teacher early in the week asking permission to walk her to the classroom to take a picture of her at her desk but when it became time to enter the school I didnt know what to do with the wagon so I stayed outside with the babies and let my mom walk her in. I stood there breathing slowly and trying to be very brave until my mom reappeared, I was ready to leave at this point but she said LG was waiting for me so I walked to her classroom where I found the teacher asking the children to grab their lunches and backpacks so they could put them in their lockers. LG was so cute, running to the teacher to tell her she was buying lunch today. Everyone marched into the hallway where they got a lesson on how to place their belongings in their locker and LG got to demonstrate! I snapped a picture and she came to me, I told her I was going to leave now and she gave me a kiss and said ok bye. I made it around the corner where I knew she couldn't see me before I broke down into tears. But hey lets face it I've always been a crier. We left and I took the babies home and tried to move on with my day. We were way too early picking her up lol but better early than late! She didn't have much to say : They went on a tour of the school guided by teddy bears wearing different colored shirts in the essence of "Brown bear, Brown bear what do you see?" , she didn't have to pay for her lunch (they have accounts now and just need to enter a number) and someone ate her oranges when she was in the bathroom!, 10 minutes is not long enough to eat snack and that she got a green face but her friend almost got a yellow face. Soon she was picked up by my Stepdad for a camping trip.

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