Finger Knitting!

We recently had Baby CCC's big brother and sister come visit. Sister is 9 and brought along a skein of yarn of her first day of care...Imagine how stoked I was! She proceeded to spend most of her first week here littering my home with finger knit chains. LG was super excited "You can knit? My mommy loves to knit. She is teaching me" LG then ran to get her needles but set them aside when she saw her new friend didn't need them. That was that until the last day (bro and sis were only here for 2 weeks) when I encouraged LG to ask Sister to teach her the art before she left. It was slow going at first since the "casting on" is a little complicated but after that LG had row after row just flowing off her fingers. She sat there and made a necklace for her dad in one day! She still needs my help casting on or when she drops a stitch but other then that she is an excellent finger knitter

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