The boy has been sick and did not sleep well Sunday, Monday or Tuesday night and last night he refused his evening nap (usually at around 5 for 45 mins) so he crashed at 7:20, he normally goes to bed at 8pm. I thought he was out/done but he woke at 8:40 but by this time I was in the middle of putting LG to bed and I didn't feel like barricading his crib (his crib is sidecarred to our bed which is great for middle of the night feedings but lousy for when he is falling asleep) so I just let him out, I sat with them both during her book and then since I was so tired from the 3 nights of no sleep I got comfy in my bed to watch TV early at 9pm. I just let him lay there with me, offered for him to nurse but he wasn't interested. I was trying to snuggle him to get him back to sleep, finally at 9:40 there was nothing on so I gave up and turned the TV off. He snuggled for a little while and then fought with me to release him reluctantly I did and he rolled into his crib and went to sleep!! Haha he has never done that btw he either goes to bed asleep after nursing or awake and crying. It was so cute There were also times during the sleepless nights that he would wake and cry and crawls two "steps" toward me and then just collapse on his face and fall back to sleep.

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