The tick

I have told this story so many times, I am so proud! So on Tuesday LG went to a little league game one of her friends was in and came home with a tick on her belly. Now I want to mention that we have had a lot of meltdowns. She is a drama queen and has flipped over having a splinter or her dress not laying right or her socks not matching and of course there was the great foot peeling fiasco of 2007. So she has tick and she tries to pull it off like it's just a piece of lint or something and starts to flip about how it won't come off. So I tell her it's just a mosquito, mosquito's like to drink really fast and ticks like to drink really slow and hang out for some time, and she's whimpering and whining. Matt comes in and soothes her and tells me to find some nail polish, we paint the tick with nail polish and he comes right out...into a tissue and into the toilet. It was nothing! easy peasy! no huge meltdown or anything. The whole experience was just awesome!

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